Our brand and values

We are two sisters, which means twice the ideas, twice the work but  one single project: the launch of our jewellery brand!

We have been working in the family trimmings business for several years and were inspired to put our  core business to good use in the jewellery field.

So in 2021, the family journey took another path with the creation of  Effet bijoux.

Creations that merge the timeless charm of trimmings with the modern twist of finished jewelry: mixing materials, colours and keeping pace with the fashion trends.

Quality control is performed at each stage of the production process to make sure that each part is in conformity.

Marion et Emilie

Our production workshop

We develop new products using innovative materials and cutting-edge technologies.

All our jewellery is designed and created in our workshop in France.

Our source of inspiration knows no bounds and our expertise is unique in the diversity of the materials we work with and our huge range of colours.